Why is Fiber To The Home Better?

Fiber To The Home (FTTH) is the most advanced communication system available in the world today and it will be the way we deliver communications in the future.

FTTH is a new technology that delivers high-speed Internet access from a central point directly to the premises of individual residences through fiber optic cables. A fiber optic cable is made up of a bundle of pure glass threads, each about the diameter of human hair. This state-of-the-art network can carry data signal via light waves instead of electricity and it is able to transmit information at virtually unlimited speed and capacity (higher bandwidth).

Because optical fiber can carry high-bandwidth signal at long distances using light waves, it replaces copper infrastructure by offering higher stability and fewer interruptions to Internet access. Unlike cable, fiber optic technology is less susceptible to corrosion and less prone to power surge interruptions due to lightning and other causes.

Cable cannot compare to fiber. The longer the distance the signal travels on copper or coaxial cable, the lower the bandwidth. Fiber is unquestionably the fastest, most versatile high-speed Internet connection, delivering amazing web experience and crystal clear communication.

Fiber optic technology is scalable, providing virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity and supporting large amounts of data to keep up with consumer and technology demands. It can be upgraded by changing the electronics or by using different lasers that can increase bandwidth without changing the fiber itself. That’s why fiber networks are said to be “future proof”. This means access to more advanced communications products and data like streaming video, Internet TV, quality video conferencing, “smart home” technology, IP video home monitoring, gaming, Tele-med service and many more.

While many communications providers brag about utilizing “fiber” in their networks, they do not provide it all the way to the home. Other companies claim they have “enhanced fiber optic network,” but this only means that they have a hybrid connection that mixes a single fiber line with the aging technology of coaxial cable.

Smart City goes all the way to your home with Smart City Fiber. Our fiber-to-the-home is a 100% fiber optic connection. It can carry large quantities of data over long distances at really fast speeds. That is why we are able to offer the fastest, most reliable, and highest quality communications products available in Celebration.

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