Portal Services

Smart City’s SmartPortal solution provides value-added content and services to hotel guests using High-Speed Internet Access. The SmartPortal enables a customized guest experience that is easily controllable using a web-based administration console that integrates with select third party gateways.

This user-friendly portal system provides for simplified administration of services ranging from development of flexible payment plans, customizable branding, easy-to-access revenue, and usage reporting.

Hotel management can optimize and control the critical elements of the HSIA service offering including:

  • Service pricing
  • Location customization of content and service offerings
  • End-user billing options (PMS integration required)
  • Content
  • Advertising
  • Branding

Hotels benefit from the business flexibility provided by the Smart Portal system:

  • Optimize revenue streams through pricing by location:
    • Guest rooms
    • Lobbies
    • Meeting rooms
  • Integrated payment and billing methods conform to existing accounting processes
  • Dynamically create promotions for special guests and events
  • Offer extended stay/subscription pricing packages
  • Additional guest/marketing information through service tracking and reporting
  • Simple accounting reconciliation with integrated financial reporting
  • Cross sell guest services using integrated promotional capabilities

Template Based System

SmartPortal customizable templates for guest facing portal web pages:

  • Point-and-click customization of branding element, content, and links
  • Customization and configuration of:
    • Location branding
    • Partner branding
    • Multilanguage (Customer must provide translation – Roman Alphabet)
    • Device type (automated)
    • End user profile (automated)
  • Content services modules including:
    • Service information/FAQ
    • Property photos and information ads/promotions
    • Hotspot locator help/support
    • Flight info*
    • Local info*
    • Weather*
    • News and sports*
    • Affinity programs**

*Content subscription fee required
**Custom integration required

Dynamic Product Catalog

Supports multiple types of IP-based products and services:

  • Internet access
    • Time blocks
    • Per minute
    • Bandwidth-based
    • Usage-based (data transfer, time)
  • Subscription products
    • Variable term products (days, weeks, months)
    • User self-provisioning of IDs and passwords
    • Authorization of subscription users
  • Prepaid products
    • Usage-based time block products with defined product lives
    • User selected IDs and passwords or predefined access codes
    • Products assignable and customizable on a location-by-location basis


Support multiple payment options:

  • Credit card billing
    • Integrated credit card billing options
    • Standards-based credit card API for interfacing existing credit card gateways
  • PMS billing (Requires PMS integration)
    • Integrated billing to 30+ standard PMS systems
    • Standards-based PMS API for interfacing PMS systems
  • Access codes
    • Prepaid vouchers
    • Promotional codes for free access
    • Supports variable/multiple users and variable duration


Support numerous reporting options:

  • Transaction Summary Report
  • Usage Summary Report
  • Administration Activity Report
  • User Customized Daily Report
  • Revenue Report
  • Session Duration Report
  • Pricing Package Selection Report
  • Authorization Method Report
  • Payment Type Summary Report


System provides tiered administrative access:

  • Roles-based admin groups
    • Super admin
    • Reporting admin
    • Pricing admin
    • Content admin
    • Subscriber admin
  • Administrative reporting for system abuses
  • Reporting groups assigned at multiple location levels
    • Global
    • Venue
    • Location

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